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Picture of Cube
R1007 Solar/Handcrank AM/FM Radio Cube
List Price: $29.99
Our Price: $29.99
Sale Price: 13.99

Use 24 hours a day. Charge with solar power by day and dynamo power at night.

Dynamo Radio Picture
R1005 - European Style Dynamo Radio
List Price: $29.99
Our Price: $29.99
Sale Price: 15.99

Excellent sound fidelity for a small, compact radio powered by you. A few turns will give you time to listen to the AM/FM Radio or use it to light an area or to charge other small hand held items like cell phones.
Picture of Flashlight
R1006 - 4-in-1 Handcrank Flashlight/Radio/Alarm/Charger
List Price: $29.99
Our Price: $29.99
Sale Price: 19.99

1LED or 3LED Flashlight, AM/FM Radio, Cell Phone Charger and Emergency Alarm.

Picture of Radio
R1008 - Handy Dynamo FM/WB Radio
List Price: $19.99
Our Price: 19.99

No need to replace batteries, crank to generate power. Comes with built-in cell phone charger, earphone jack and USB attachment.
Picture of Lamp
L2015 - Bright Dynamo 5-in-1 Lamp/Radio/Charger/Alarm/Compass
List Price: $34.99
Our Price: 34.99

Ultra bright LED lighting (white and blinking red), USB port to charge your mobile phone, FM radio with scanner, built in compass and a loud emergency siren.