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G4043 Floating Solar LED Lily Flowers
List Price: $29.99
Our Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $19.99

This is a solar-powered decorative light that combines LEDs with lily flowers. In the daytime, the solar panel will convert solar energy into electrical energy and store in the battery. In the evening, the LEDs will light up automatically. In addition, it could float on the water due to the leaves. This product is not only beautiful, but easy to use and perfect to decorate ponds.

• It will continuously light up for 12 hours if it is charged over 8 hours by enough
• Product lifespan: more than 1 year.
G4044 Solar Wind Chime Lantern
List Price: $39.99
Our Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $24.99

The solar wind chime lantern is a solar-powered decorative light with wind bell function. The highly efficient solar panel will convert solar energy into electrical energy and store it in the built-in rechargeable battery for the LED light. It charges in the daytime in direct sunlight and turns on in the evening automatically. In addition, the product is easy to install, waterproof and sun-proof. It is widely used in the place of gardens, backyards, outdoor patios, shop windows, etc.

Picture of Solar Water Fountain Kit
G3017 - Solar Water Fountain Kit
List Price: $49.99
Our Price: $49.99
Sale Price: $29.99

This Water Fountain Kit is quick, easy to install, and will make any small container into your very own water fountain. Totally solar, no wires or batteries needed. Use in or outdoors. Three design pattern attachments will create different water patterns. Great for your deck, garden, patio, or entrance way. Create a relaxing environment anywhere there is a source of sun.
Floating Solar Fountain
G3033- Solarrific Floating Solar Fountain for the Bird Bath
List Price: $49.99
Our Price: $49.99
Sale Price: $29.99

No Electric outlet or battery needed. This product floats on the water and starts pumping water soon after bright sunlight shines directly on the solar cells. It is a an energy-saving solar fountain suitable for garden decoration, bird bath, small pond, water circulation for oxygen. Installation is simple, easy to use, as long as there is direct sunlight on the solar cells without shadows, water pump will start working in a few seconds.

*Kindly note that the bird bath is just an example of how it would work with our solar pump. Bird bath is not included.

*Instructions for Additional Accessories: Included are a 2" suction cup and fishing line to help stabilize the pump in smooth bottom birdbath. Simply use the fishing line to tie a loop on the suction cup and put the loop over the spout of the pump to keep it in place. Please see the last photo for your reference.

If your birdbath does not have a smooth bottom, you may have to pile some pebbles around it.

Please note that there may be scratches on the solar panel, which is a natural characteristic of the material we use since this product is handled by hand, not machine.
G3035 Solar Air Pump Kit for Fish Pond
List Price: $49.99
Our Price: $49.99
Sale Price: $39.99

This kit includes everything you need to keep any water source well oxygenated without relying on an electrical outlet. Because it relies on solar power, you don't need to connect unwieldy electrical extension cables just to maintain the pond outside. Without a doubt, this air pump kit goes about anywhere the sun exists and works almost instantaneously to benefit the water ecosystem.

G3039 Floating Solar Fountain on a Lily Pad
List Price: $59.99
Our Price: $59.99
Sale Price: $39.99

No battery or electric wires needed. This product is easy to use, just place it on the water and it will automatically start working within 3 seconds under full, direct sunlight. This floating fountain will add natural beauty to any fish pond, swimming pool, or large water container. It will attract birds and also help create water movement to prevent insect growth, such as mosquitoes. Minimum maintenance required with no maintenance cost such as battery replacement. Additional attachments are included for more options of different water shapes.

Diameter of entire item: 15.9 inches
Diameter of solar panel only: 6.4 inches