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L2028 - Solar LED Cap Light
List Price: $24.99
Our Price: $24.99
Sale Price: 14.99

Clip this solar powered light to any sun visor or baseball cap. The 5 LED light panel is movable to help aim the light in the direction you want.
Walk though rough terrain, fix things during an electrical emergency, use inside the house or outside . . . “SUNNY” will become your tag-along buddy.

Light your way in an attic or basement or anywhere there is no electricity or proper lighting. Pitch a tent in the dark or fix something outside the house during an emergency. Will also charge through a window or place anywhere it can get sun.
Weighing in at only 2.1 ounces, which includes the built in rechargeable polymer lithium battery, makes this a handy device perfect to have around to be used anytime you need hands free light.
Solar Glowing Globe
Our Price: 24.99

Make your garden one of a kind with this solar glowing globe. It's perfect for illuminating your garden under the night skies. When the sun sets, our Solar Glowing Globe will automatically activate with a bright white light. And best of all, with the discreet solar technology built-in, it requires no additional maintenance; just set it and forget it. It's ease of use and design certainly makes it a perfect gift for anyone young or old.
G3001 - Solar Light-up Turtle Statuary
Our Price: 29.99

This charmingly detailed turtle has 10 panels that give off orange and green light. Use it to highlight your garden, or position it near a pond or in the middle of your plants. This adorable piece will add color and fun to any outdoor or garden space.
G3003 - Solar Light Up Frog on Floating Lily Pad
Our Price: 49.99

For a sense of tranquility, accent your pool or pond with this adorable floating frog. No tools or operating costs are required, simply place this solar powered amphibian in a sunny spot and watch it light up in a green hue at night.